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From multi-year jobs to one-off projects, here are some highlights

Transforming Nike's waste into new products, breathing a second life into manufacturing waste

Who on the planet has not seen a pair of Nikes? With over 800 million sneakers produced annually, Nike’s manufacturing waste is substantial. But what if that waste could be transformed into new products and markets? Enter Nike Grind, a sustainability program that collects rubber, leather, thermoplastics, and other post-industrial manufacturing scrap to form new products.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of makers, scientists, designers, and entrepreneurs, Nike’s waste is reborn as yoga mats, track fields, acoustic solutions, and tech accessories.

Pioneering the world's first decentralised brand development fusing new technology and community

Empowering communities with the tools to self-govern, make decisions, and mobilise stands as a crucial counterbalance in distributing power globally. With private institutions and tech platforms surpassing the scale of nations, the hurdles for effective community action loom larger than ever.

History was made when the world’s first initiative enabling its decentralised community to chart its own brand development journey was enacted on Polkadot. Amidst a legal and commercial landscape that struggles to keep pace with technological strides, this endeavour forged a new path for social coordination and governance.

Advancing the next generation of takeaway cups to reduce single-use packaging

Annually, 500 billion disposable plastic cups end up in landfills. NextGen Cup, with founding partners Starbucks and McDonald’s, is dedicated to bringing alternative packaging solutions to market. How might we design a system that minimises waste while still enables the convenient serving of hot and cold beverages on-the-go?

Teaming up with IDEO as the innovation partner, a global challenge was launched to source solutions from diverse corners of the world based on real local needs. This initiative has spurred the deployment of new approaches such as reusable cup systems, home-compostable cups, and more.

Harnessing the power of data to uncover optimal strategies for scaling a creative agency

In a fiercely competitive environment full of look-a-likes, a wrong strategy can spell disaster for a company. Paper Stone Scissors, is a renowned creative and production agency boasting clients like Uniqlo, Waldorf Astoria, and Herman Miller. Despite its stellar design leadership and success, the agency found it’s business on a plateau due to a lack of clear strategy.

By leveraging data analysis alongside qualitative research, a more informed approach to business development was adopted, resulting in significant strides in company growth and profitability.

Elevating a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand to expand its reach to a new customer base

The phrase “Made in China” has often carried connotations of cheapness, low quality, and unethical knock-offs in the Western world. However, within China itself, this perception has undergone a profound transformation. This shift in attitude was catalysed by a wave of pioneering local brands emerging during the 2010s.

Decoster proudly stands as one of the trailblazers in Shanghai’s fashion scene, renowned for its forward design and quality standards. However, to reach new heights, it recognised the need to elevate its brand identity and communication strategies for its new operating environment.

Tackling consumption patterns of modern lifestyles for more sustainable living

While 87% of people express concern about the environment, a striking 79% fail to take action. In essence, although the majority care, they do not act. Refuture was established to bridge this gap and make sustainability mainstream. With consumption patterns at the core of all sustainability challenges, how might we change behaviours and lifestyles at scale?

To answer this question, Refuture explored various initiatives, including an IoT app with social dynamics, a series of educational events, and a platform showcasing sustainably reviewed products.

Helping creators in transforming their ideas into tangible products through crowdfunding

The notion of “build it and they will come” has become a pervasive myth within the creator community, often resulting in numerous products launched on Kickstarter only to fade into obscurity. Recognising this challenge, Purple Spread was established—a consultancy committed to empowering creators to navigate the crowdfunding landscape successfully.

This initiative has led to the successful raising of over a million dollars in funding across various client projects, garnering features in publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, and GQ, among others.

Supporting the communities through grassroots gatherings, education, and connection

Every major company and successful entrepreneur began with humble beginnings—a parent’s garage, a dorm room, a seat in the audience. Supporting and participating in grassroots initiatives is about creating opportunities and fostering aspirations for a better future.

Focusing on social impact issues such as food waste, dementia, circular economy, and more, over 60 workshops, panels, talks, and interactive art events have been held—ultimately engaging thousands of attendees.

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